Tuesday, March 15, 2016


In the early 1990's the graphic artist David Carson became the art director of a new music magazine called Raygun. He brought to this publication his unique magazine design sensibilities.

While an innovative publication, part of its premise was the death of print, even though it was a paper magazine. Because of this philosophy the design made it next to impossible to read the articles.

After a few years the magazine ceased publication, after being quite influential in the design world.

Essentially it ran during the "Grunge" era, and since I was living in Seattle at the time, I benefited as an illustrator partly due to my geographical location.

Here is an illustration I did for a piece on Pere Ubu that appeared in the 10th issue of Raygun.

I have always loved Pere Ubu, and I was privileged to see them perform back in the original punk days in San Francisco.

Mixed Media on Paper - 1993

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