Monday, February 29, 2016

Horses And Ponies

My Paternal Grandfather was a Sheep Rancher, so while I have never owned a horse I have been around them from time to time and I have always been enamored of them.
A few months ago I attended an Arabian Horse Show in Scottsdale and I met this beautiful young stallion. His name evades me as too much time has passed and I didn't write it down. His owner was kind enough to let me photograph him with my phone. Look at those gorgeous blue eyes.

Periodically I have painted and drawn horses. They are wonderful creatures to focus on.

Here are a couple of paintings on paper from the late 1980's.

I have spent a fair amount of time on the Colorado Plateau in Southern Utah and Northern Arizona.
The landscape in this area is a totally unique wilderness and I really enjoy painting it because I really, really, really like red.
This is a region of the world where if you are lucky, you can see wild horses. So these are the type of horses I portrayed in these paintings.  This part of the world is still truly wild and is the True West.
My Maternal Grandfather had an amazing collection of paper lanterns that festooned his backyard on Summer evenings and nights. I included some of those in the second painting.

Oil on Paper - 1987

Oil on Paper - 1987
And here is one more photo of the beautiful young stallion with blue eyes.

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